3 Steps...A new model for achieving your dreams

I've been creating a new model for achieving your dreams recently and I thought I'd share what I've got so far. 

It turns out there are only 3 simple steps to creating any dream in your life. Note, there is a difference between "simple" and "easy".

But back to the steps. Here they are... 

Step One: Imagining. To get what you want, you gotta know what it is first. Imagining is about clarity. Create a clear vision of what you want. Why do you want it? How will it make your life better? The bigger your dream, the more compelling the reason you'll need to stay focused on it when the inevitable distractions show up. So take your time. Don't skip this step! I've watched too many people trying to hit a target they don't see very clearly. 

Step Two: Becoming.  Now that you know what you want, who must you become to create it? Hint: if your dream doesn't require that you grow to achieve it, it's probably not worth going after. Create a dream that forces you to become the best version of yourself. And then become that person!

Step Three: Creating.  Let's get down to business. Creating is about taking action. What are the steps that will bring your dream into reality? 

Try this: take a few moments to imagine a big dream for you. Something big enough to scare you because you're not (yet) who you need to be to achieve it. 

One of the first steps of becoming is often to build courage because we need courage to step out of our comfort zone. A quick but effective way to build courage is by changing your physiology. Literally, stand the way you would of you were feeling courageous. Breathe the way you'd breathe. Fill your mind with courageous thoughts. In a few moments, you'll notice a definite shift.

Now let's use that courage to create something. Think about your big dream and take a step towards it. It could be telling a trusted friend, writing down a clear description of your dream in a notebook or making a call. Do it boldly, as though you know that you'll have your dream soon. Notice how it feels to take action toward your dream.

If you're already in coaching, we've probably begun using this model to move you in the direction of your own dreams. If you're not currently coaching with me and would like a little more clarity about how to use this to create what you want, let's set up a 30-minute call to answer your questions. As I pointed out in the beginning, this process is very simple; not always easy. But you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish by following these three simple steps.

In service to your BIG dreams (and who you'll become in order to reach them!)...