Dr. Fred Blum


Degrees in Psychology and Chiropractic might be enough to qualify Dr. Fred Blum to speak about peak performance, stress and the mind/body connection. Add to that mixture over 30 years of study with some of the world's greatest teachers in personal development, wellness and innovation, a black belt in karate, performing in a comedy troupe off-Broadway and a genuine interest in learning and helping people and you have an individual who brings a unique perspective toward helping individuals and groups take their lives, relationships and businesses to the next level.

As a speaker, Dr. Fred will challenge, inspire, entertain and educate you.

It’s no secret that individuals today are pulled in many directions.

More information may only contribute to their stress level. In 30 years of researching and speaking on many aspects of human performance, Dr. Fred has uncovered what he believes to be the keys to how we can literally transform the stresses of our lives into clarity, power, productivity…even profit! “I don’t want people to leave my presentations with more information,” he says. “I want them to leave inspired and armed with the tools to make simple, powerful changes in their lives.”

Example Topics (any topic can be customized for your group)

Natural vs. Traditional Motivation
A new look at motivation that goes beyond will-power to the understanding of how we can use our natural rhythms and energy to get more done with far less stress.

Mental Toughness: Pushups for Your Brain
Using the AMP System (Action, Mind & Planning) to create the clarity and commitment to produce extraordinary results in any area of your life without stress.

Stress & Human Performance
An eye-opening look at stress and its true role in health and human performance.

Five Problems. Four Solutions.
A complete system for understanding how we lose our way in life or business and how we can get back on track.

The Art of Effortless Living
Learning to apply the universal principles of Energy, Alignment & Timing to create effortlessness in any area of life or business.

Breaking Free from the Stress Cycle
The Stress Cycle™” is the continuous loop of (a) Chronic Stress Overload and (b) Stress-related behaviors, that leads to (c) further Stress Overload and eventual mental/physical breakdown. This presentation will explore the separate components of The Stress Cycle™ and simple options for breaking free into a life of ease, peace and mental and physical well-being.

The Martial Art of Success
Applying the ancient principles of the martial arts to create a new perspective on conflict resolution, focus, understanding others and yourself.

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